Ochame na Futago: Claire Gakuin Monogatari

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Other name: Ochame-na Futago, Mischevious Twins: Story of Clare Academy, The Twins at St. Clare’s, Hanni & Nanni, おちゃめな双子 -クレア学院物語-, The Mischevious Twins
Plot Summary: Patricia and Isabel O’Sullivan arrives at the St. Claire, a college for girls, to study and live in the new home. In there place, they meet to Alison, Wella, Catherine and Doris, who live too in the St. Claire, and join with their in the team spirit. All together, the girls play games and fun long time, living in harmony until appears Winfred, a sulky rude and antisocial girl that no will doubt in to create all kind of troubles for the O’Sullivan twins and their friends…

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